Buying Dr. Palmer's dental office.

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I just wanted to write a short blog entry about my experience in buying this dental practice.  


This practice was owned and operated by Dr. Ken Palmer for many years.  I believe about 15 years.  While here he built up a great practice, and developed a loyal following. From what I hear he had a vibrant and contageous personality. It has been hard to hear how his death effected so many of his patients. Any time someone passes away unexpectedly it will have a more dramatic effect on people. As I have heard the stories people share about Dr. Palmer I wonder if I will be able to have a similar impact on people. I like to believe so, but time will ultimately tell. I hope all those patients that enjoyed seeing him will continue to have great experiences with our office. The hygienists are still here (Lindsey and Linda), and so is the Front Desk (Sherron).  There are familiar faces here. 


I have been looking for a practice to buy for quite a while.  I owned my own practice in Montrose, CO. for 4 years. It was a great learning experience.  I had some great staff members. I had a wonderful assistant named Leilani. She had tons of experience, and she helped me tremedously. There were times I would look up at her while working on a patient and ask with my eyes, "how am I doing?  does this look right?"  Dental school can only teach a dentist so much in 4 years (thank goodness for continuing education). I had a spit fire front desk person named Kim. She had my back (they all did). She was nice, and tough. A great combination if you ask me. Ana was so loyal, and Alicia was fun and smart and a great Hygienist. I could go on and write about all of them and how they made me a better dentist. They deserve to be told how great they were.


Ultimately we left Montrose on a business venture. That venture turned out to not be as great as I anticipated and I found myself without a practice. By chance we found an opportunity to come back to Utah so here we are. I was fortunate to get a great job with a practice in Salt Lake City.  A place called Legacy Dental.  My boss's name was Jonathon Campbell.  He is a VERY good dentist, and was/is a great mentor. We were busy. I did a lot of extractions and root canals there.  I love doing those procedures now. Working at Legacy Dental gave me a lot of confidence in those two procedures. If you are in SLC and you need a dentist go see him.  Here is his website


While working at Legacy I heard about Dr. Palmers passing. I had a bunch of people telling me to call and offer my help. It was something I just wasn't comfortable doing, how do you talk to the wife of someone who has died that soon after his passing? I'm not good with that kind of stuff. Before I knew it the opportunity had passed (at least I thought so). Then about 5 months later I recieved a phone call. Dr. Palmers practice was back up for sale. I called and talked to Dr. Palmer's wife and everything fell into place. She is a brave person, I am glad I had the chance to buy this practice from her.


I hope to blog about the aspects of dentistry that I enjoy, and also about the positive evolution of this new dental practice. I am excited to be a part of a great community like Spanish Fork.  I grew up in Springville and I am amazed at how progressive Spanish Fork has been.  This town is growing, and they are bringing in some great businesses. I can see this place becoming a major hub in central Utah. It is exciting to see these changes. 


If you are reading this, thanks for taking the time to read. I would like to invite any of you to come and see me. We are doing everything we can to make every dental visit a little less stressful for our patients. Come and see what we have to offer.




Brad N Strong DDS

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    Holly (Wednesday, 30 April 2014 08:40)

    Love you. Proud of you.

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    Villa Brenchley (Thursday, 01 May 2014 01:02)

    Dr Strong is a Great dentist. He is very personable, well educated, and very experienced. Once you go and have some dental work done, you will never go to another dentist. He is caring and does excellent work. He has done transplants for me and other procedures and I have been very happy with his work. I would strongly suggest that he's the dentist for you. You will be pleased with his work and will love his happy personality. Pick up the phone and make an appointment today. You will like him.

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    Collette Johnson (Thursday, 01 May 2014 12:38)

    You are and will be amazing Brad! So happy for you and the family to be settled down finally. I miss coming to your office in Montrose! It was motivation to go to the dentist for me it helped I was visiting a friend rather then "going to the dentist". I just found a dentist here and California I actually am physically in his waiting room now for a filling!:( It isn't the same. It never will be or me. It was a true great experience coming to your office! I have never had a dentist friend and maybe never will here.. (Only time will tell).
    In end I miss you I miss your family and love you all to pieces!!! Good luck with your future adventure.
    On a side note.. Start house hunting so I can come visit. We also have plenty of room for you all as well.
    Much love friend

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    Brent Morrill (Thursday, 01 May 2014 13:20)

    I graduated dental school with Dr. Strong. I know him well. He is a great man and a great dentist. I've never seen any dentist spend more time sitting through as many continuing educations classes as Dr. Strong learning the new techniques and materials to keep his practice on the leading edge. You will do yourself a favor by visiting his practice.

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    Ramona (Friday, 02 May 2014 14:25)

    So happy to have you in Spanish Fork. Our family loved Dr. Palmer and miss him dearly, but it has been nice to come back to his office and work with you, Brad. I am so relieved someone as kind and friendly- as well as professional- as you are is slipping into this sad void left last year. I worked in a dental office for many years as an assistant, and anyone who thinks it is easy to manage and run a practice (on top of moving into one going through grief and loss) doesn't know what they are talking about. It is hard work, but so are all things worth fighting for!
    Also glad to see so many employees stayed and to be able recognize those faces as we come back. You are doing a great job and we look forward to many more visits. Wishing all the best to the Palmer family and to your family during this sensitive time of transition.

    PS- love my night guard! Thanks for helping me with those headaches

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    Casey Warrren (Friday, 02 May 2014 14:30)

    Congratulations Dr. Strong!!! You will provide a great service and I wish you all the best!!

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    Spenser Cammack (Saturday, 02 August 2014 01:21)

    I also graduated from dental school with Dr Strong and know of his character and dedication to the science and art of dentistry. It is good to know that if I have any patients relocating to Happy Valley, there is some one I know and trust in Southern Utah County. Best of luck Brad.

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    Dr Ben Wilson (Thursday, 21 August 2014 14:17)

    I had the opportunity to work with Dr. Strong shoulder to shoulder early in his Colorado career. What a cool guy!! In fact, when I had just opened my new dental practice I had some health problems and was faced with closing the door, guess who showed up at my door? Dr Strong took time out of his new office to help me keep mine viable until I was back on my feet. I know that is exactly how he will treat all of his patients. The patient's needs above his. If I lived in your area Brad, you would be my Doc.