Now seeing Dr. Alan Miner's patients in Springville and Spanish Fork

Some of you may have heard, but recently Dr. Alan Miner in Springville has decided to retire from the practice of dentistry. I have known Dr. Miner for some time and I am excited and pleased to announce I will be continuing care for his patients. Those patients that live in Spanish Fork can come and  see me in my Spanish Fork location (128 W 900 N, Spanish Fork 801-794-2254). I was surprised to see how many patients drive from Spanish Fork to see Dr. Miner. Hopefully you will feel as comfortable in Spanish Fork as you feel in Dr. Miner's office in Springville. If you still want to see me in Springville, no problem. Denise will still be there and she can get you scheduled. Those patients from Springville can come and see me in his Springville office. I will be there on Friday's for now, and hopefully I will be adding more days in Springville in the future. If you are having a dental emergency you can see me wherever is most convenient. I will have access to everyone's charts and treatment history at both locations, no matter where you go we will make sure to have you dental history with us. I am excited to be working in Springville, my roots run deep here. 


Dr. Miner is a kind person and surely made going to the dentist a little less nerve racking. I hope to be able to provide the same care and compassion to his patients that he has shown them over the years. I want to publicly thank him for trusting me enough to see his patients. Thank you Dr. Miner, enjoy your retirement!

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