Free Exam and X-rays.........Buyer beware!

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If it looks too good to be probably is...

It seems like more and more I am seeing advertisements from other dentists with the irresistible offer of "Free exam and X-rays" or even seemingly better "free x-rays for life"! Please beware!  I too am guilty of using this "offer" to get new patients into my office. I only did it for a short time, I felt I was forcing myself to do what everyone else was doing.  I was caught up in the race to the bottom. One major problem was I felt pressure to find something that needed to be fixed to make up for the loss. I never could do it, I guess i'm too honest (not a totally terrible trait to have). I would see people and their beautiful teeth, and I would send them on their way without diagnosing the need for any additional dentistry. 


Here is the catch.  The offer is made with the hope of finding a bunch of dentistry that needs to be done. You may not be paying for the exam and x-ray up front, but you will be paying for it on the back end with all the treatment you end up getting done.  Often the treatment fees are raised to compensate for the "freebies".  You see, there really is no such thing as a free ride. There are a lot of dentists that really make a lot of money by offering something for free. They are very good at finding treatment that "needs" to be done (at least in they think so). They are on the aggressive end of the dental treatment scale. 


So, find a dentist you can trust.  Ask around, check out websites, there are plenty of good dentists out there. There are also plenty of dentists that you need to watch out for.  Our office? YES, we are pretty dang awesome. We are part of a group of dentists that have agreed to hold a higher standard. It's called Opt-in dental. Just a group of private practice, non corporation, dentists. You can learn more about opt-in by clicking HERE.


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