"Is there a Cosmetic Dentist in Gresham?"

YES!  Dr. Strong does cosmetic dentistry.  He has taken several cosmetic continuing education courses over the years.  His favorite courses are the ones offered by Frank Spear, but Spear education is just the tip of the iceberg of the training Dr. Strong has completed. He has done several cases of Veneers and anterior cosmetic crown dentistry. He offers a no charge consultation, just call and schedule. If you don't want to proceed no problem.  If you want to know more about what can be done, then Dr. Strong and his staff will take photos and make models of your mouth for a more definitive diagnosis. 


Getting a new smile can change your life.  We have seen patients cry for joy when they had their front teeth fixed. They lived for so long never wanting to smile, or smiling while holding their hand over their mouth.  We have heard patients talk about watching peoples eyes as they look at their teeth. They would only speak with a hand in front of their mouth. They literally lived in fear of dating because they thought no one would like them because of their teeth. Often new front teeth can bring confidence that wasn't there before. It can change you life.

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