We are in-network providers for the following insurance plans

Blue Cross Blue Shield Dentist

Delta Dental Dentist

TDA Dentist

Dental Select Gold Dentist

Dental Select Plantinum Dentist

Metlife Dentist

Select Health Dentist

Connection Dental Dentist

Ameritas Dentist

PDP Dentist

United Healthcare Dentist

EMI Dentist

EMI Advantage Dentist

United Concordia Dentist

Humana Dentist

Guardian Dentist

Aetna Dentist

Principal Dentist

Cigna Dentist

What happens if I don't use my insurance by the end of the year?

Dental insurance benefits almost never carry over from year to year.  If you do not use your insurance you will lose the amount of coverage they offer you each year. Some patients try to use this to their advantage at the end of the year and beginning of the next year to do two parts of a large procedure to split the cost up over two years. Just a quick example, a patient will have an implant placed in November or December, and then have the crown placed on the implant in February or March. That way they get as much coverage as they can on both procedures. 

Do you need a dentist that takes your dental insurance?

Dental Insurance
Dental Insurance

We are a dentist office in Spanish Fork that accepts all major insurance plans. If you have insurance, chances are we probably take it.  We are in-network providers for almost all dental PPO plans.  We are not in any HMO or DHMO plans currently. Also, we are not providers for medicaid or most government aid programs.  We will do our best to help you maximize your insurance benefits.  Playing the dental insurance game can be tricky.  The more you play the game the better you are at seeing the insurance "tricks".  Sometimes you can do everything right and still end up in a fight with the insurance companies.  Remember, they don't necessarily have your best dental health in mind.  They have share holders and the "bottom line" in mind.  If they think they can get out of paying a claim, they will try.  We will go to bat for you.  


Dental insurance is a kind of a misnomer.   Dental Benefit is more accurate.  With traditional medical insurance the more costly the treatment, the more the insurance company will pay.  With dental insurance it is almost the opposite.  The more complex the treatment the less the insurance pays. Once you hit your annual maximum you are out of luck until the next year begins. You do benefit from a lower fee that your insurance has negotiated with the dentist, but you are still paying more out of pocket.  We can help you by figuring out a payment plan to get the treatment done before it gets worse, and more expensive.